Webinar How To Build A Predictable ABM Engine

November 12, 2016

If you are one of the 60% of marketers exploring how to deploy Account-Based Marketing, then you may be wondering where and how to start. Which tactics work and how can your MarTech stack and marketing database support your ambitious ABM efforts? In this session, you will hear from ABM practitioners Josh Hill (author of MarketingRockstarGuides.com), Tony Yang (VP of Marketing at Mintigo), and Charlie Liang (Director of Marketing at Engagio) discuss the steps they took to build a martech stack and infrastructure that’s optimized for an ABM strategy. This hands-on session will cover: -How predictive marketing enables ABM -Building a MarTech infrastructure for ABM -How to structure the right ABM programs -Understanding how analytics change with ABM -Achieving marketing and sales alignment -And more! To Learn more about Engagio, visit Engagio.com.

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