Using Engagio for Account Insights with Jon Miller

April 12, 2019

Measuring engagement is critical in B2B marketing. It gives you valuable insights into your target account that you can act on and helps you prioritize your time. Easier said than done. In a traditional demand gen model, Marketing scores leads and passes the “warm” ones to Sales. But focusing on leads has limitations. What matters is whether the right people within the right account are engaging with you. Without knowing how the account is engaging overall or if that account has even become marketing qualified, AEs and ADRs are at risk of spending time and energy on the wrong things. It's time to change the conversation and move from talking about leads to talking about accounts. This gets Sales and Marketing speaking the same language. Using Engagement Minutes in Engagio, you can track the amount of time target accounts are spending with you. These interactions provide a pulse on the account and gives you important intent insights. Using engagement insights and prioritize your time to automate ABM has never been easier. Learn more at

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