Top 5 Quick Wins for B2B Marketing Leaders in Q1 2020

January 16, 2020

2020 is here! To help you start the new year with a bang, we’ve got a ton of tricks to help your ABM programs stand out to your bosses and coworkers (and your customers, of course!). Watch this webinar run by Megan Heuer, who recently joined Engagio as marketing leader. She’s excited to share secrets from her years of experience as an analyst working with b2b revenue teams plus tips from our Engagio customers to help you crush your marketing goals this year. She’ll highlight some quick ABM wins that either save you money, make you money, or save you time. In the webinar, Megan will cover: How to get sales on your side How to maximize the impact of the content you already have How to use intent data to make your ABM more effective How to leverage events to get even more opportunities How to communicate the value your marketing delivers ...and more!

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