The Rise of Account Based Sales Development

December 16, 2016

Sales Development is a tough job, and it’s only getting tougher as buying teams are becoming more complex, prospecting channels are exploding and over automation and “robo spam” is driving people to ignore your messages. The answer to these challenges and more is Account Based Sales Development. ABSD is the engine of a kind of hyper-growth that very few companies have ever experienced but can achieve with a solid strategy and execution.

Join Jon Miller, Engagio CEO and Marketo co-founder, as he explains: -The Who, What and Where of Account Based Sales Development.

-The incredible power of Account Based Sales Development “Plays.”
 -What truly personalized and relevant outreach looks like (hint: nothing like “robo-spam”).
-How team selling concepts will take your prospecting to the next level and beyond.
-Interview featuring Live Q&A with Engagio customer Mitchell Hanson, Director of Marketing with Zapproved, on realizing the power of Account Based Everything.

Bonus: Jon will share detailed metrics and benchmarks from his new book “The Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Sales Development,” which can be downloaded at


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