Scout for Sales: Unparalleled Account Visibility, Engagement Insights and Power to Coordinate Plays

June 10, 2020

The job of a Sales person is made infinitely easier when you have visibility into the most important interactions between you and your target accounts. This enables you to discover more meaningful engagement insights, so that you can coordinate sales and marketing plans to move the needle. That’s why we’re excited to announce significant updates to Scout for Sales. In this webinar, Joe Perry, product manager at Engagio, will walk you through how your revenue team can leverage Scout for Sales to enhance the buying experience and close more deals. Watch to see how Scout for Sales can help you: - Get more thorough communication history controls through blacklisting email addresses and accounts - Deliver complete account and contact insights, including communication history, to your teams where they can easily access it within Scout and Salesforce native charts - Quickly and easily unlock visibility into all communication history and authenticate all users with email service accounts - Save time and make your CRM more complete by proactively identifying and auto-creating contacts from meetings and email threads

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