ABM Grand Slam 3 | Moneyball: Using Advanced Account Insights for Effective ABM Activation

August 10, 2017

A winning marketing team does its research and crafts a compelling gameplan to maximize at bats with their most important accounts. Figure out how your team can get the inside scoop within accounts so you can hit it out of the park with your ABM efforts.

Join TechTarget, Engagio and special guest Beth McCullough from WhiteHat Security as we share how to develop & activate account insights to drive deep digital consideration and sales enablement.

You’ll discover:

  • How to drive net new revenue streams with effective insights to target the right accounts and prospects
  • How to design your batting order: The most valuable insights for prioritizing account engagement strategy
  • How to read the right signals: Optimize efforts by monitoring and leveraging behavioral & intent insight
  • Examples of how to execute full-funnel account-based marketing from data to activation to account engagement
  • And more!

View the slide deck here.

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