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October 2, 2019

Today, we're excited to introduce Engagio Orchestrate

Engagio Orchestrate is the first B2B engagement marketing solution that enables multi-channel plays across people and accounts.

Revenue teams can now design and automate high-impact plays leveraging advertising, sales engagement, marketing automation, direct mail, and CRM all directly from Engagio.

With Engagio Orchestrate, B2B marketing professionals can now:

  • Run cross-channel, cross-department plays that advance people and accounts through their buying journeys
  • Use data sourced from multiple systems, including CRM, marketing automation, website, third-party intent, and corporate email (Microsoft Exchange/Gmail) to create precise audiences of people and accounts, segmented by persona, industry, account, job, buying stage, engagement or non-engagement, and many other criteria
  • Launch actions and sync audiences to sales and marketing systems, including advertising, marketing automation, sales engagement, direct mail, website personalization, conversational marketing, and more
  • Update audiences automatically as people and accounts move through their unique journey, delivering more relevant interactions, ensuring each person gets the right experience across channels, and reducing wasted advertising spend

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Engagio Orchestrate  |  Automations Overview and Examples
Engagio Orchestrate | Automations Overview and Examples

We're really excited to introduce Engagio Orchestrate! To learn more, visit

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