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Engagio’s B2B Marketing Engagement Software helps companies to combine the best of account-based marketing and lead-based marketing and empower their marketers and sellers to work as a team.

Engagio's full product suite consists of:

  • Engagio Foundation: Unify fragmented data from marketing and sales systems to create a single view of your account, people, and activity data.
  • Analytics for Marketing: Analyze account engagement, define your unique account journey, and track progress to predict pipeline and drive revenue.
  • Scout for Sales: Book more meetings and accelerate sales cycles with personalized territory insights and alerts about accounts that are most ready to buy.
  • Orchestrate: Design and automate high-impact plays across advertising, sales engagement, marketing automation, direct mail, and CRM to drive more meaningful interactions at scale.
  • Dash: Measure the impact and ROI of every interaction across Sales and Marketing with multi-touch attribution. 

Download Engagio's Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing at https://www.engagio.com/guide

Engagio is now part of Demandbase! Learn more about what this means for the future of ABM.

Want to see how Engagio and Demandbase can help you take your ABM to the next level? Talk with an ABM expert now

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