Engagio Case Study | Lattice Engines

May 27, 2017 Brandon Redlinger

Before Engagio, Lattice Engines had a traditional lead-based marketing model. However, to better align with sales and advance the revenue of the company, they realized they needed to take an account-based approach. They tried to use their existing set of tools, but they had no way of measuring or analyzing results at the account level, therefore they had no way of knowing what was working and what wasn’t. 

Engagio unified all of the data across their different platforms in a single place that both sales and marketing could easily access and loved using. Now, Lattice Engines can track metrics on integrated campaigns.

Their sales team has more visibility into the accounts and insights they care about most, which leaves them excited about working with their marketing team on ABM programs. 

Engagio has saved the Lattice Engines’ marketing and operations team hours and hours of pulling and aggregating data at the account level and netted them 2x the engagement at target accounts. 

“Any marketer even considering pushing their team in an account-centric manner should be using Engagio, even just to get started. There’s no way for folks to track and understand what account activity is happening and what engagement levels they’re seeing without a tool like Engagio.” 
-Caitlin Ridge, Director of Corporate Marketing at Lattice Engines

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