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June 6, 2017 Brandon Redlinger

Dialpad is an enterprise communication platform that helps fast-moving companies get rid of all their desk phones. In 2016, they made a company-wide strategy decision to switch to an Account Based Marketing approach.

They looked to Engagio to help forge their ABM initiative within the Marketing and Sales department, as real transformation can have some bumps along the way.

Previously, they were unable to see the impact of the marketing programs to their target accounts. Since implementing Engaigo, they are now able to see an entire account-based funnel from one end all the way through the entire cycle. This helps them with budget allocation and identifying the degree of impact all of their marketing programs are having at every stage of the funnel.

Engagio helped educate the sales team on what Account Based Marketing means for them and gave them more visibility into their target accounts. Knowing who to reach out to and when has been critical during the shift from the lead-centric to an account-based approach.

"What I've learned about Engagio is that it's not just good for your marketers, but it’s really transformational for your sellers in your organization." 
–Morgan Norman, CMO

"I would recommend Engagio to any company trying to get into the ABM market and build a strategy around it. Without a tool like Engagio, it would be next to impossible."
- Jessica Day, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations

See Engagio in action at go.engagio.com/demo

Learn more about Engagio at Engagio.com 

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Brandon Redlinger

Brandon Redlinger is the Director of Growth at Engagio, and is obsessed with anything Account Based Marketing and Sales related. He has been in sales and marketing his entire career, leading teams across the country from NYC to Denver to the San Francisco Bay Area. Brandon is passionate about the intersection between technology and psychology, especially as it applies to growing companies. In his spare time, you will find him buried in a book, hitting the gym or on an adventure exploring the world.

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