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June 6, 2017 Brandon Redlinger

Before Engagio, Aria struggled with getting insights into their key accounts. They quickly identified a gap with their current set of tools, which focused on leads. This hindered Rozanne Bonavito, VP of Global Demand Generation, and her team – they needed to take a more thoughtful and strategic approach in marketing. Like many B2B companies, they had a list of ideal accounts, however, it was starting to get stale. To add to the problem, sales and marketing were playing the guessing game on who the target accounts should be.

In 2016, Aria launched a 100% ABM approach, Engagio was at the core of that launch. They knew the importance of implementing and nailing the concept of a Marketing Qualified Account (MQA) and getting away from a leads mindset. In January, they had 2 MQA's, and at the end of 2016, they had 163 MQA’s within their target accounts. 

Engagio has allowed Aria Systems to define their key accounts and, more importantly, start conversations with those accounts. 

"Any Marketing department that is doing ABM today should be using Engagio. You can’t get the Analytics from any other tool out there today, unless its Engagio."
-Rozanne Bonavito, VP of Global Demand Generation

See Engagio in action at go.engagio.com/demo

Learn more about Engagio at Engagio.com 

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Brandon Redlinger

Brandon Redlinger is the Director of Growth at Engagio, and is obsessed with anything Account Based Marketing and Sales related. He has been in sales and marketing his entire career, leading teams across the country from NYC to Denver to the San Francisco Bay Area. Brandon is passionate about the intersection between technology and psychology, especially as it applies to growing companies. In his spare time, you will find him buried in a book, hitting the gym or on an adventure exploring the world.

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