Mission 4: Customer-Powered ABM - How to Use Advocacy in Your ABM Campaign | Replay

Customers offer the trusted information that buyers value most, and their business networks are rich with potential prospects. Don’t fail to call on your customer community in your ABM strategy, or you will miss the impact that advocates can bring. In this webinar featuring Influitive, G2 Crowd, and Engagio you'll learn how leading B2B businesses strategically source, incorporate, and align customer voices in sales and throughout the ABM funnel to increase conversion rates and accelerate deals.

Watch to discover how to:

  • Leverage customer relationships throughout the buying process
  • Weave customer references into your ABM strategy
  • Change the way buying decisions are made with customer reviews

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About the Presenters

Mark Organ
Founder and CEO, Influitive

Mark Organ is the founder and CEO of Influitive, helping companies mobilize their advocates to produce massive increases in referral leads, reference calls, social media participation and more.

Mark first revolutionized B2B marketing as the founding CEO of Eloqua (ELOQ), the world leader in marketing automation software, which was acquired by Oracle for $871M. In between, he was a go-to-market consultant for SaaS companies in North America and Asia. Mark has also helped over a dozen software companies successfully go to market in asymmetrical or disruptive ways as a consultant and entrepreneur.

With an M.S. in Neuroscience from Northwestern University and a passion for understanding human psychology, Mark is a dynamic speaker with a unique vision centered not only in business success and technological innovation, but also how and why people think, act and interact the way they do.

Adam Goyette
VP Marketing, G2 Crowd

Adam Goyette leads the Growth Marketing team at G2 Crowd. He has 15+ years of experience leading teams in strategic roles focused on revenue generation, inbound marketing, demand generation, and marketing operations. Prior to his role at G2 Crowd, Adam led the Growth and Acquisition Marketing efforts at several high growth start-ups including FieldLens, Booker and JW Player. He holds a BA from the University of Maine in Journalism. When he isn’t figuring out ways to drive demand, he spends most of his time with his wife and 2 young kids, walking his dogs, or learning new photography tricks.

Chandra Patel
Head of Product Marketing, Engagio

Chandra Patel is the Head of Product Marketing at Engagio. Prior to her role at Engagio, Chandra spent the previous five years in marketing leadership roles for a number of early stage and growth B2B SaaS companies in Silicon Valley. Prior to that, she designed and launched consumer and small business digital experiences as a product lead and head of the Innovation team in the Digital Channels Group at Wells Fargo. She began her career as a management consultant for Arthur D. Little and has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of Michigan.


The Future of ABM Webinar Series

Check out our webinar series space flight program! This webinar is Mission 4 of the Future of ABM 5-part webinar series where we discuss the new trends shaping the future of ABM! This series features thought leaders who will help you stay ahead of the ABM curve and give you tips to enable the 1:1 reality. Click here to find out more about the series.

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