The Marketing Orchestration Playbook: Your Blueprint for World-Class ABM

September 19, 2017 Brandon Redlinger

marketing orchestration Blueprint

I’ve always found analogies to be helpful in explaining new ideas. So, to begin, here’s an analogy that will make your life in ABM a lot easier:

Marketing Orchestration is to Account Based Marketing, what Marketing Automation is to Demand Generation.

You see, Marketing Orchestration is how you win the biggest deals ABM. This is a proactive and coordinated approach to communicating and synchronizing interactions with key contacts at target accounts. It’s about incorporating automation where it matters and the human touch where it counts, and it spans the entire customer journey. All customer-facing teams participate in activities to drive the right business outcomes at key accounts.

Done right, Marketing Orchestration ensures all the moving parts in an ABM play work together to harmonize account-based efforts for the perfect performance.

Announcing Our All New Playbook

In the new Marketing Orchestration Playbook, we explain how you can use Marketing Orchestration to execute a world-class Account Based Marketing strategy. Get it here.

“Successful multi-channel orchestration requires coordinated, cross-discipline planning and execution against a clearly-defined objective.” – TOPO

Before taking some time to dive into this new Marketing Orchestration Playbook, you may have a few questions. I’ve addressed them below, which will also serve as a teaser of what’s the come.

Why Marketing Orchestration?

In short, Marketing Orchestration is the easiest way to execute your ABM strategy.

Here’s another analogy – in a symphony, the job of an orchestra conductor isn’t to play every instrument. The conductor is there to make sure every performer works in harmony.

Business is no different. Account Based Marketing is a team sport, and to be successful, teams need to operate together with collaboration and communication. But someone needs to make sure everyone works in a coordinated fashion, and Marketing is best suited to take the role of the conductor.

Marketing Orchestration creates a plan by which ABM becomes an operational reality. All customer-facing teams work in harmony to ensure a buyer’s experience is positive, consistent, and in context with the rest of the account.

  • Everyone has account visibility, whether Marketing, Sales, or Customer Success.
  • Teams work together to create the best experience for the buyer.
  • There is one source of truth for account activity, campaigns, and results.

“After defining the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and selecting accounts to pursue, organizations should develop an orchestration plan that defines both the:

  1. internal resources responsible for completing specific actions, and
  2. when those actions should be taken against a campaign or account.

The plan gives everyone a guide for executing the complex, multi-channel, cross-discipline interactions that occur with an account based strategy.” – TOPO

Read more about the value of Marketing Orchestration in our new playbook. Get it here.

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What’s the difference between Marketing Orchestration/ABM and Demand Generation/Marketing Automation?

Unlike traditional Demand Generation, with Marketing Orchestration:

  1. A human being is brought in at the right time, when it matters most.
  2. Sales can review and approve every message that touches their accounts, so they maintain control when they want it.

While traditional Demand Generation relies on Marketing Automation to send emails to many leads, Marketing Orchestration leverages Account Based Marketing to focus highly personalized human touches on the most important people and accounts.

These are the key organizations your business cares about most, and they should be treated that way.

Humans must be responsible for customizing, reviewing and approving every message that touches key accounts. Marketing Orchestration leverages technology to do things like remind us when to send an email or automatically matching leads to accounts, however, it still relies on humans to do what they do best – build relationships.

You cannot automation relationships.

Marketing Automation Platforms, for all their benefits, are simply not designed to operationalize an account-based strategy, or expand engagement at key accounts, especially when more than a quarter of all B2B sales cycles take seven months or more to close.

Marketing automation platforms are:

  • Lead-based: These systems were built to manage leads. This works for transactional deals with one decision-maker and straightforward buying cycle, but gets messy with deals that involve many people with diverse goals and interests.
  • Impersonal: They can’t deliver a nuanced human touch or create personal engagement. It’s a key reason why Sales often tells marketing to stop touching their opportunities; an automated process is simply too blunt for important accounts and people.

In contrast, Marketing Orchestration is tailor-made for B2B marketers going after larger deals, where the deal cycle is complex, and where closing business requires building a relationship with key members of target accounts. This is a job that Marketing Automation just isn’t designed to do.

Who plays a role in Marketing Orchestration?

The ABM team is different than your demand gen team. Though the titles may not be new, the roles they play, their responsibilities and the timing of their activities will change. Here are the key professionals for your Marketing Orchestration team:

  • Growth-oriented Marketing Executives provides the vision and steps in with key roles at critical times.
  • Marketing Operations sets the account-based foundation, oversees the account-based systems, and reports on the impact of ABM efforts.
  • Demand Generation and Field Marketing act as the quarterback calling and running the plays for the ABM team.
  • Customer Marketing Teams delivers on the promises and ensure the best experience for the customer.

We dive into much more details in the new Marketing Orchestration Playbook.

What are some Marketing Orchestration Plays that work?

In Marketing Orchestration, a Play is a series of steps that orchestrates interactions across departments and channels to achieve a business purpose for one or more buying centers at target accounts.

Plays are a great way to effectively ensure that everyone in the company consistently follows best practices throughout their account work.

Engagio’s new guide offers 16 real examples of high-impact Plays (yes 16!) including:

  • Opt-In Play – to connect with target contacts personally and get opt-in permission
  • Follow-up Play – to get a hot prospect engaged in a selling conversation
  • Integrated Marketing Play – to launch multi-channel, multi-player interactions
  • New Rep Intro Play – to help a new rep get introduced to new accounts in their territory
  • Deal Nurturing Play – to help move deals forward (specific plays for tiers 1, 2, and 3 are included in the guide)
  • Shake the Tree Play – to get conversations going again at accounts that have gone dark
  • Account Expansion Plays – to help accelerate upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Renewal Play – to make sure renewals happen seamlessly with customer success
  • High Impact Outreach Play – to customize and personalize notes to a group of people
  • Executive Alignment Play – to connect executives with their peers at target accounts
  • Referral Play – to active your customers to go to bat for you
  • NPS Play – to get feedback, give your customer a voice, and turn them into a promoter
  • Micro-Event Play – to get key executives to attend your special field events
  • Tradeshow Play – to engage target accounts around tradeshows and conferences

At Engagio, we have always believed that ABM is the single most significant opportunity facing every B2B organization. As more companies join the ABM movement, they realize that Marketing must not only automate – it must orchestrate.

The NEW Marketing Orchestration Playbook is jam-packed with actionable advice, helpful perspective, and practical guidance to realize the value of account-based strategies.

The best part? It’s available right now. Get it here.

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