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Account Based Marketing Metrics | Engagio

September 17, 2017

Metrics are crucial for all marketers, and the rise of ABM demands a new way of thinking about measuring success. While leads and opportunities are important and necessary, they are not enough for ABM.

You’re likely familiar with the traditional demand generation metrics that are lead-centric and volume-based. The goal is to generate a large quantity of leads and efficiently pass them through each funnel stage.

However, in many B2B organizations, this model falls short. With the rise of account-based models and account-centric thinking, there’s a need to rethink how to measure results.

The new metrics of ABM are: 

  1. Coverage 
  2. Awareness
  3. Engagement 
  4. Reach 
  5. Impact

In this ebook, we take a deep dive into each and reveal how you can measure the new metrics of ABM.

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