Transform Your Account Based Marketing Programs with the Future of ABM Webinar Series

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Even with increased budget and resources on an ABM strategy, there are still companies across multiple industries such as technology, financial services, healthcare and life sciences that aren’t sure what to do next or how to improve their programs. To aid in this learning process, Engagio and some of its strategic partners are hosting a five-part webinar series to help marketers transform their ABM programs and take their ABM initiatives to the next level.

The Future of ABM Webinar Series Space Flight Program will feature 10 awesome partners and 13 marketing thought leaders who will discuss the new trends shaping the future of ABM.  Starting mid-July, these 45-minute webinars will help you:

  • Leverage personalization techniques to make your brand, stories, and campaigns irresistible
  • Evolve your martech stack to make ABM more efficient and scalable
  • Create meaningful interactions by infusing a human touch into programs
  • Use your biggest fans (customers) to power your ABM efforts
  • Deploy a data-driven approach for full-funnel ABM

We hope you can join us for this webinar series as it will be out of this world! Register once and get access to all webinars so you can get inspired by marketing thought leaders and begin implementing new Account Based Marketing strategies in your business today. 

Future of ABM Webinar Schedule:

Tuesday, July 17 – Mission 1: Turn Followers into Fans with Personalization

Are your ABM programs establishing lasting relationships? Want to incorporate personalization into your campaigns for a unique buying experience? Join this webinar featuring Vidyard and Engagio to learn how personalization can be used to create emotional, unique buying experiences throughout the customer lifecycle. You’ll discover how to develop targeted, ABM programs that will make your story/marketing/campaigns irresistible to your buyers. Register today!

Tuesday, July 31 – Mission 2: Evolving Your Martech Stack for Account Based Marketing

Great Account Based Marketing requires great technology. Today’s savvy marketers need sophisticated marketing solutions for efficiency and scale as well as to make data-driven decisions. With so many available choices, selecting the right technology can be difficult and overwhelming. Join experts from DemandGen and Engagio as they share a strategic framework for deciding what systems you need for successful ABM. Register today!

Wednesday, August 8 – Mission 3: Infusing the Human Touch into ABM

The automation and scale of marketing technologies these days can make it challenging to add the human touch into most B2B marketing strategies. Luckily with ABM, things are different! Doing ABM correctly requires targeted messaging, personalization, and human-to-human outreach. Join ReadyTalk, PFL, and Engagio to learn how to infuse human interactions into the customer journey and authentically connect with your buyers. Register today!

Wednesday, August 22 – Mission 4: Customer-Powered ABM – How to Use Advocacy in Your ABM Campaign

Customers offer the trusted information that buyers value most, and their business networks are rich with potential prospects. Don’t fail to call on your customer community in your ABM strategy, or you will miss the impact that advocates can bring. Join Influitive, G2 Crowd, and Engagio to learn how leading B2B businesses strategically source, incorporate, and align customer voices in sales and throughout the ABM funnel to increase conversion rates and accelerate deals. Register today!

Tuesday, September 11 – Mission 5: Using Intent and Fit for Full-Funnel ABM

Need to create predictable and repeatable growth? A data-driven approach can help! Join Everstring, RollWorks, and Engagio to understand how a data-driven ABM strategy can help you meet your pipeline and revenue goals for both new business and customers. We’ll discuss how data and account insights can be leveraged to help you run effective, personalized ABM programs. Register today!

Blast off is July 17.  We hope to see you on the launch pad!

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