Top B2B Marketing Blog Posts of 2019

December 24, 2019 Brandon Redlinger

Top B2B Marketing Blog Posts of 2019

Every day, someone somewhere is publishing a mediocre blog post about ABM. Look no further than your inbox and social feeds for proof. If you listen closely enough, you can hear the click of the publish button. It’s increasingly difficult to separate the signal from the noise, and many great posts get lost in the cacophony.

2019 was the year we finally moved past talking about ABM, and began to see how it fits into an organization’s overall go-to-market strategy. This was the year we got more practical and tactical with ABM content.

As we close out the year, we’re enjoying looking back at some of our favorite B2B marketing posts from 2019. We’re sharing five of Engagio’s most popular blogs, along with five of our favorite posts from our B2B marketing friends.

That said, this is not an exhaustive list, as there’s plenty of great content we missed. If you think there’s a post that belongs on this list, please let us know by leaving a comment below.


I Predicted Marketing Automation and it Changed Everything – Here’s My Next Big Prediction

Jon Miller, Engagio

In the 13 years since Jon Miller co-founded Marketo, the way companies buy B2B products has changed a lot. However, the way most marketers (and their tools) operate hasn’t evolved nearly enough to keep up. Jon argues that the B2B marketing that you know today is heading towards a shipwreck in 2020 and beyond, as a result of this gap. He also outlines what marketers must do to adjust the sails and prepare for the future of B2B marketing in this post.

Double Funnel: Measure the Impact of Multiple Go-To-Market Results Side-by-Side

Chris Moody, TOPO

To make intelligent decisions, marketing teams rely on their ability to track and measure the results of their marketing activities. However, as organizations are utilizing two separate go-to-market strategies (i.e. Account-Based Marketing and traditional demand generation), they struggle to understand how to measure them side-by-side. In this post, Chris Moody reveals TOPO’s Double Funnel. This is a single view that can standardize measurement across the entire GTM organization.

10 Real-Life Examples of Proven ABM Campaigns

Brandon Redlinger, Engagio

In this post, I pulled back the curtains and gave everyone a glimpse into some of Engagio’s most successful ABM campaigns. I hope it gives you some ideas for how you can get going with ABM quickly. You may not be able to execute all of these, but chances are that your current marketing setup will still be compatible with several different kinds of ABM campaigns that can give you better results immediately.

Engagement-Based Attribution: A Deep Dive into The Most Accurate Way to Assign Value to ABM

Grant Grigorian, Automation

Attribution is a puzzle that marketers are constantly trying to solve. And now that organizations are moving to an account-based model, the task just got a whole lot harder. In this long-form post, Grant dives deep into defining what marketing attribution is, and explains Engagio’s unique Engagement Minutes model. He walks through how to get up and running with this model, and how you can begin to tell stories with the data.

These 7 Skills Can Help You Increase Your Account-Based Marketing Abilities

John Rampton, Calendar

Success in ABM has become a skill, just like any other type of marketing. There are a lot of smart marketers out there these days, so you must be willing to learn and improve if you want to stay ahead. It’s not about the tools and technology that you can use (though it never hurts), but rather the skills you develop. In this post via Forbes, John offers seven skills that he believes will help any account-based marketer.

How to Ensure ABM Pilot Success

John Common, Intelligent Demand

This article was part of the ABM Leadership Alliance’s Mini Mighty ABM series, where they asked experts to share one actionable idea marketers can use at work today. If you’re about to start an ABM pilot program, or if you’re not getting the results you’d hoped for, John’s number one tip is don’t forget to personalize. In this post, he offers three steps to diagnose your personalization problem.

A Day in the Life of an ABM Marketer

Brandon Redlinger, Engagio

The roles and responsibilities of marketers are changing as marketing evolves and new strategies, like ABM, emerge. Most companies know what ABM is, but few know the tactical details of how to execute it. In this post, I dove into a day in the life of an ABM marketer by sitting down with Sandra Freeman, who runs ABM at Engagio. We pulled up her calendar, and she walked me through a day in her shoes.

Account-Based Marketing and Sales Alignment


Sales and Marketing alignment is critical for ABM success, and this often begins with defining clear processes, responsibilities, and even terminology. In this issue of SiriusPerspectives, the SiriusDecisions team explains how to secure and maintain alignment between ABM and sales through three joint phases: business alignment, functional alignment and executional alignment.

ABM Teams Taking Deeper, Data-Driven Approach To Account Targeting, Departmental Alignment

Klaudia Tirico, DemandGen Report

Demand Gen Report’s 2018 ABM Benchmark Survey revealed that 28% of practitioners struggle with identifying/predicting accounts that are ready to purchase, while 31% are challenged with developing target content for specific accounts or personas. In this post, Klaudia breaks down how three companies are taking a data-driven approach, allowing them to align as a team and better identify ideal customers and target accounts.

7 Lessons from Game of Thrones To Advance Your Career

Brandon Redlinger, Engagio

This last post isn’t about ABM, but it was still nonetheless in our top five most viewed and shared posts of 2019. Written at the start of the final season of Game of Thrones, I outlined seven lessons you can take away from one of the most popular TV shows of all time. Whether you’re negotiating a deal at the deadline or simply battling to keep your small business afloat, this post offers some sound advice.

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