Post to the Past: Dear Marketing Team

May 8, 2020 mara McLean

Dear Engagio Marketing Team,

Hi! We hope you’re all doing well — we know you’re currently worried about the bush fires in Australia, and that you feel pretty busy right now. But we need a few minutes of your time.

Trust us, however busy you feel right now, it’s going to get even more hectic soon. We would know, since we’re you, but from four months in the future. It may sound crazy, but just keep reading and make sure to listen to our advice, ok? It’ll make your… our… (wow, pronouns are difficult when writing to yourself) lives much better if you do. 

So let’s get down to business. First of all, about those events you have coming up… I know you’re excited about going to Arizona and Austin.

I don’t care. Burn the contracts. 

Now, how’s the webinar calendar looking? Since you’ve pulled out of all the live events, you should really consider doubling your webinars for the next few months. Throw in a few virtual events and meetups too. The internet is where it’s at! It’s the hottest club! Trust us: the real world has gone out of style, and you don’t want to be behind the trend, do you?

And all that sales and marketing alignment you have, where everyone sits next to each other and you’re always talking and laughing and exchanging information — make sure there’s a way to replicate that online. We’re our own best customer at Engagio, and soon we’ll need to lean into the shared understanding of accounts and data that our platform gives us even more. So if anyone’s Engagio skills are a little rusty, now is a great time to brush up, while everyone is at the office and can still explain things to each other in person.

Speaking of, you should really test all online formats more rigorously. I know you all like going into the office, seeing each other, getting Philz coffee… but you’ve never really had the experience of everyone working from home before, have you? You should do some stress testing. You know, make sure that you can communicate, that you have comfy work-from-home setups, that you can still get coffee somehow, etc. It’s important to shake things up sometimes!

And what better way to shake things up than your Revenue Kick Off! Half Moon Bay sounds lovely, but you know what sounds lovelier? Costco. Fully stocked, no lines to get in, plenty of canned goods and toilet paper for the taking — and shopping at Costco is the perfect bonding experience. You can have your kick-off meetings in the food court, with Costco pizza. And as an RKO participation gift, you can give everyone toilet paper and hand sanitizer! They’ll love it! 

With the money you save from having the RKO at Costco, you should really up your syndicated content. Look into expanding your personas and messaging. Make sure your direct mail program can operate even if no one from the team can walk to FedEx. Really, think outside the box here. 

Oh, and guys? Give each other a hug, while you’re still at the office. Enjoy your time together, be patient with each other, and don’t take anything for granted — even your morning commute.

And remember, the world can change in an instant.

Take care (and wash your hands!),

The Engagio Team from May, 2020

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