Hauntomations: 3 Ways to Make Automating ABM Less Scary

October 31, 2019 mara McLean

Happy Halloween with Pirate Whale

Ahoy me-hearty, and Happy Halloween from Engagio! I bet you have a lot of fun plans tonight — some treats, some tricks, maybe a haunted house or a horror movie? After all, Halloween is when we all stop to enjoy the spookier side of life. Bring on the dark shadows, the cobwebs, and the ghost stories.

But you don’t necessarily want that spookiness creeping into your work life. Haunting is all well and good when you’re dressed up as a ghost, but it isn’t fun when you’re being haunted by the idea of how badly your data needs a cleanup, or you’re frightened by the pile of work it takes to manage and update your audiences on different platforms.

That’s where automations come in. No, don’t run away screaming — I promise, automations are actually quite simple to get up and running. Automations are a function of Engagio’s new Orchestrate product, and they’re here to fix all the issues that might otherwise haunt you while you’re enjoying a Halloween-themed cocktail or taking the kids trick-or-treating.

But what can you actually do with automations? Glad you asked! Automations are great for the tasks that would traditionally suck your time dry, automating ABM and giving you more time to focus on the big stuff. Below, I’ve gone into three examples.

1. Sell More by Seamlessly Managing Email Streams and Ad Audiences

Let’s say that you sell three products. A prospect — let’s call him Dracula — is in your nurture stream for your first product, but he looks at a web page for your second product. Using automations, Dracula can be automatically added to a nurture stream and advertising audience geared towards the product that he’s expressed interest in. Typically, doing this would require manually checking who’s been on your product pages and adding or moving them to a different stream and audience. But automations can retarget prospects without you ever having to think about it. Suddenly, Dracula is buying two products instead of one.

Now let’s say you have a different prospect — Frankenstein. He was talking to Sales, but now he’s been silent for a few weeks. Automations can take him and others from his account and push them to Marketo, Outreach or Salesloft — bringing Frankenstein “back from the dead” and bringing your product back onto his radar.

2. Keep Your Data Clean and Up-to-Date Without Going Crazy

Let’s say your problem isn’t your emails, but your data in general. You could swear that you have your entire system set up properly, but ghouls are going in and messing it up. You have hundreds of fields for companies in the United States, but they’re listed as being in the US, USA, United States, and United States of America. For data hygiene reasons, you want them all to match and say the USA. Automations can be set to clean your data while you sleep and make sure they all match. Goodbye data nightmares.

This same data cleanup principle can be used for territory and account management. Automations can use information about where an account is based to assign account ownership to the right account executives and SDRs, then send them updates and relevant information about the account as it moves through the sales funnel.

Automations can also change a contact’s status to “working” based on certain actions. If an SDR reaches out to a prospect and gets a response, for example, an automation can change the status to “working” and add a date stamp into the system, so that the time it takes for contacts to go from “aware” to “working” can be easily tracked. This helps not only with keeping cleaner records, but it can also help when you’re forecasting in the future.

3. Manage Your Audiences Effortlessly So That Everyone Gets the Right Message at the Right Time

While audience management isn’t technically classified as an “automation,” it’s still an integral part of Engagio Orchestrate, and it relies on a lot of the same principles. Orchestrate works with all major ad platforms, marketing automation platforms, direct mail platforms, and CRM platforms to make sure that you can seamlessly manage your audiences and keep them up to date.

Now, let’s go back to Dracula. Despite your best efforts with your nurture stream, maybe Dracula only bought your first product, but you want to maximize your cross-sell opportunities. He can be automatically removed from the audience that’s being shown ads for your first product and added to the audience that’s being shown ads for your second one, so that he only sees ads for other products of yours that he hasn’t bought yet — maximizing your ad spending and improving your ROI. And when Dracula buys all your products (which he eventually will), audience management will add him to a suppression list instead, making sure that Dracula doesn’t get any more of your ads and that you don’t waste any valuable ad dollars.

But while Dracula was buying up all your products, Frankenstein decided to go with a competitor. Audience management can add him to an audience so that he sees ads for your product for the next year, while he experiences growing pains implementing your competitor’s product and you still have a chance to sell him your product instead. After a set period of time, audience management will remove him from the audience if he hasn’t converted to your product.

Audience management isn’t only limited to managing your current prospects and customers, however. It can also help you to find new customers by using a list of your best customers and pushing it to your ad platforms with a request to find look-alike audiences. Suddenly your ad dollars are targeted towards the people who you most want to buy your products, with very little research or effort required on your part.

– – –

What all of these examples have in common is that they increase your pipeline, sales, and ROI while decreasing your workload and making your ABM programs more scalable. Put like that, automations sound pretty magical, don’t they? If you want to learn more about automations and Orchestrate, you can check out our webinar on them here.

Now go enjoy a safe and happy Halloween — hauntomations will hold down the fort until you get back.

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