Channel Activity Digests: The Secret to Account Activity Visibility

March 18, 2020 Tom Keefe

Channel Activity Digests: The Secret to Ensuring Sales Follows Up on Activities

“Scalability! Everything needs to be built to scale!”

Raise your hand if you’ve heard this before. When we talk about marketing programs, we constantly hear that they need to be built to scale — i.e. that they’re built in a way which allows them to be easily reproduced at the same level of quality, even as they rapidly increase in quantity. Yet one thing we never talk about is scaling the distribution of insights into these scalable marketing programs.

Well that all ends today (cue drum roll)… with Channel Activity Digests.

This is probably the first time you’ve ever heard the phrase “Channel Activity Digests,” but I promise this will become your favorite phrase (it 100% is mine!). So let’s break down exactly what it is:

Channel – Refers to where the activity took place (webinar, tradeshow, content syndication, etc.)

Activity – Engagement with a prospect or customer (attended, submitted form, etc)

Digest – Collection of Engagio Reports emailed to an Engagio user

When you put that all together, Channel Activity Digests provide insights into any activity from a specific channel and are emailed to your Sales Rep or CSM on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We haven’t even gotten to the best part though: these Digests are not only showing Sales/CS activity from the accounts assigned to each user, but you can also build them on a rolling activity basis, meaning they can show activities from the webinar channel from the past week, month, year, etc. This allows for single-channel activity digests to be program-agnostic – regardless of what other programs you run within that channel, you’ll never have to create an additional digest. In other words, set it and forget it. And for those who remember the infomercial…

set it and forget it

Your webinar channel is a great example. If you run 2 webinars a month, then you’ll have 24 webinars in a year. Given today’s world, this means that you either have 24 webinar reports, or you’re aggregating multiple webinars within one SFDC Report. So if I’m a Sales Rep/CSM and I need to store 24 different links or parse through a SFDC Report that contains way too much information, not to mention click somewhere to get this information… I’ll probably give up before I’ve even begun. Wouldn’t you?

Some of you may even be super savvy and have built SFDC Dashboards to present Sales/CS with Marketing Program Activity insights. If these dashboards are set to hold a year’s (or even just a few months’) worth of activities, then they can become cluttered pretty quickly. You’re also asking Sales/CS to store the dashboard link and have them click into the different reports that make up the dashboard.

However, if you switch your SFDC Reports for Engagio’s Channel Activity Digests, you’ll only need to create one webinar report. That one, single report will keep track of all your webinars, without requiring any changes to the report after it’s been built. And not only that, but each recipient will only see activities pertaining to their assigned accounts.

Here at Engagio, our Sales/CS teams gets Channel Activity Digests emailed daily for all our Marketing Channels, meaning:

  • They have full visibility into the activity in their accounts; there’s nothing that slips through the cracks
  • They don’t have to save reports to specific links and dashboard, because it gets emailed to them daily
  • Marketing can provide insights into non-success activities that usually go unseen by Sales/CS (do you alert your teams to webinar registrations? Well, now you can! 🙌)
  • Allows them to prioritize their day/week based on activities in certain accounts

That’s all well and good — after all, who doesn’t want Sales/CS to get all the information they need? But I bet you’re wondering how Channel Activity Digests help Marketing:

  • They provide visibility into activities from all marketing programs for Sales/CS
  • They save time because you and your team don’t have to build reports for each program, or update dashboards
  • They’re extremely scalable due to rolling activity logic (show channel activity in past X time)

While this concept sounds too good to be true, I promise you it’s not. And in 4 simple steps, you can be ready to start building this out for all your marketing channels.

  1. Assign accounts to Sales (SDRs and AEs) and CSMs
  2. Turn on Engagio’s Auto Create Account List feature
  3. Ensure your marketing programs are tagged with the correct channel

1) Assign Accounts to Sales and CSMs

In order to provide each Sales Rep/CSM with the activity from their assigned accounts, we’re going to need to make sure that they’re actually assigned to the correct accounts. As you can see in the image below, all we need to do is assign SFDC users to the account. I’m sure the majority of you have Account Ownership already set up, but maybe work with your Ops team to create new User Lookup fields for Assigned ADR and Assigned CSM. This assignment exercise is a great cross-functional activity to do with your SOPs team. I’m sure your SOPs team would love to get some things off their plates, so the idea of never having to help you with all your Campaign Reports/Dashboards is probably pretty appealing to them. Position this exercise as a way to take these things off their hands — after all, clean assignments will mean you won’t need SOPs’ help to build Campaign Reports and Dashboards!

Assign Accounts to Sales and CSMs

2) Turn on Engagio’s Auto Create Account List feature

Now that you have all your accounts assigned to the correct people, you’ll need to turn on Engagio’s Create Account List feature. This setting will look at your SFDC account object and find any User Lookup fields. You can create Account Lists from any of those fields. In the image below, you can see that we’ve selected ADR Owner. This means if Sandra Freeman is an ADR on 100 accounts in SFDC, Engagio will create an account list that shows all of the accounts where Sandra is listed as the ADR Owner.

These Account Lists are a crucial part of Engagio’s functionality, which allows you to personalize any digest report to the recipient, meaning that they only see the data from the accounts they’re assigned to.

Turn on Engagio’s Auto Create Account List feature

3) Ensure your Marketing Programs are tagged with the correct Channel

This will probably be the easiest step in this blog because I bet most of you have already done it. Since these digests are channel-based, we’re going to rely heavily on the channel tag on SFDC Campaigns/Marketing Programs instead of referring to individual programs. Ensure all your webinar programs have a webinar channel assigned, content syndication is all labeled as such, etc.

How do I choose to reference SFDC Campaigns or Marketing Programs? Our recommendation is to use whichever one you base your Engagement Minutes off of. In our case its SFDC Campaigns, which you can see below.

Ensure your Marketing Programs are tagged with the correct Channel

Now that we’ve explained how awesome Channel Activity Digests are, let’s actually go through what it takes to build one for the webinar channel for Sales/CS:

  1. Create a Webinar Channel Activity Filter
  2. Create a Webinar Activity Report
  3. Select data to show in the report
  4. Setup Report to be a part of the Sales/CS Rep’s daily digest
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for all your other marketing channels


Create a Webinar Channel Activity Filter

Engagio filters are always where you want to start if you’re going to be presenting data around the activity you’re capturing. Since we want to present Sales/CS with details around the webinar activity, we’ll build an activity filter.

You’ll see in the image below that we’re pulling SFDC Campaign memberships for all campaigns with a Webinar Type (Channel) where the activity date is in the past 7 days. This means that any campaign member status change will be captured as activity, regardless of if that status is responded or not. If you only want to show responded status activities, you can use the Add Constraint drop down to insert Responded = TRUE.

Now it’s time to build our Webinar Activity Filter. Simply go to the Filters area of Engagio and click Create New. I highly recommend having a naming convention for all your Engagio assets; you can see ours here:

  • MAF – stands for Marketing Approved Filter, indicates to people this is approved to use
  • 7-Day Activity – describes the time period and what we are capturing with the filter
  • Webinar – identifies which channel we are capturing activity within

Building this filter is pretty simple. Just remember that you want to choose whether to use SFDC Campaigns or Marketing Programs activities, depending on which you use for assigning Engagement Minutes. In our instance we score SFDC Campaigns for Engagement Minutes, so we will drop that activity card into the selector, then specify a rolling activity date of 7 days and the campaign type is Webinar. By using “In the past 7 days,” this ensures the filter will always capture a rolling basis of activity over 7 days. Also we’re building for true scalability by referencing the Campaign Type = Webinar, which now make sure any campaign labeled as Type Webinar will have its activity captured by this filter.

Create a Webinar Channel Activity Filter

Create a Webinar Activity Report

Now that you have the filter to capture all the activity from the webinar channel over the last week, we can start building the report which will be included in each Sales/CS user’s daily digest. Once again, you need to use the same logic as you did with the filter type selection; you want to show the details of the activity, so you’ll create an Activity Report.

Once you have the report created, go to the Selector tab. Here all you need to do is reference the filter you just finished building. This is telling the report that you want to capture all the activities caught by that filter.

Create a Webinar Activity Report

Next, go to the Layout tab. Here you’ll choose from Account, People and Activity data to present in the digest sent to your ADRs. Being able to reference Account, People and Activity data all in one report without any formulas or customizations is one of the unsung product features of our reports. Just imagine doing this with a Campaign Members report in SFDC 😭    You can even choose a single or multi-layer sort to the digest; we’ve found that the most effective to sort is by Activity Date in order for recipients to see the most recent activity in the channel.

7 Day Activity Webinar Layout

The last step to this process is to set up the delivery of this digest to each Sales/CS user, which is going to be powered by the Auto Create Account List feature. Click into the Subscriptions header, then click Create Subscription, and you’ll see the pop-up screen in the image below. Click on the Personalized Subscriptions bubble and select the Account Assignment field you added to your Account/used in the Auto Create Account List setup. Once you select that field under Owner Type, all the Sales/CS users assigned via that field will appear in Owners Subscribed. You can remove anyone who shouldn’t get this digest if you have some old/bad data. If not, you can jump down to the frequency area to set up if this should be delivered daily, weekly or monthly. And if you would like to add a start/end date to this digest, you can do so here.

delivery of this digest

Congratulations, you just created your first Channel Activity Digest! You can see the end result for your Sales/CS user in the image below.

Channel Activity Digest

As I mentioned, we provide this report for all our Marketing Channels, so simply repeat the steps for creating a Webinar Activity Filter and Report for each of your channels. You can see below the list of all the Pre-Meeting Channel Activity Reports that are sent daily to our Sales/CS teams in their daily digests.

my report

While Channel Activity Digests are super cool and scalable, this is only the beginning of what you can provide your entire organization with in terms of Account insights. So since you don’t have to spend all your time building SFDC Reports anymore, you should go explore all the different insights you can provide your team! Here are a few of my team’s favorite digests:

  • Managing SLAs around MQL/MQA follow up
  • Stalled Meetings and Opps
  • Intent Surges on Open Opportunities
  • People in Active Conversations with my SDR

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