ABM Fast Track: Part #4 – A Must-Save Checklist For Your Best ABM Campaigns

January 17, 2018 Brandon Redlinger

driver safety

In our ABM Fast Track blog series, we’ve covered ABM roles and responsibilities, account entitlements, and account plans. Today, we’re covering another essential piece of getting started with ABM.

Every Formula 1 race car driver has special tools to ensure they can handle nearly anything. F1 cars are among the safest cars ever built. These cars have protected drivers so successfully that when they lose control and go nose-first into a wall at full speed, most limp away with no major injuries.

So, as a standard practice, driver and codify everything they know into checklists. Pilots use checklists. Surgeons use checklists. Practically anyone who has people’s lives in their hands use checklists. They share them widely and use them in moments of decision-making to ensure success.

Marketing orchestration is a lot like driving an F1 car, flying a plane or performing surgery – you’re responsible for putting the right steps in motion, in the right order.

So, to help your next ABM campaign reach maximum speed, we were inspired by F1 drivers – we’ve compiled an ABM Campaign Checklist.

abm campaign checklist

Save it, print it out, and share it with your colleagues.

Your Checklist for ABM Success

Let’s walk through the how to use this checklist so you can get up and running with ABM, fast.

1 – Clean your data.
Set yourself up for success. Before you do any campaign planning, remember that successful ABM campaigns always start with clean data. Read our guide to getting your data ready for ABM.

  • Map all leads to accounts in your CRM and Marketing Automation platform
  • Synthesize engagement data on each account from multiple sources
  • Compile the information you need for each account

2 – Set a clear goal for the campaign.
Is this campaign, or ABM play, prospecting new accounts? Accelerating an existing deal? “Shaking the tree” to warm up a cold opportunity? Setting up meetings for a live event? Know what your intentions are before you set out.

3 – Select the right accounts.
Depending on your campaign goals, be sure you’re targeting accounts within your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), who offer the greatest revenue potential and the best fit for your specific objectives. Ask these 9 questions when selecting your target accounts.

4 – Identify the team (on both sides).
Who will the players be for this campaign? Like a football game, identify those on your side (e.g. Marketing, an Account Development Rep, and your CEO) and pair them appropriately with that of your target account (for example Director of Engineering, CIO, Lead Engineer). Not everything has to come from your sales development team. Read how to leverage your current marketing team to start with ABM now.

5 – Select the right channels.
There is no silver bullet in ABM, nor is there a magic formula. That’s why a combination of channels is most effective when combined across multiple follow ups. Make sure your basic channels are covered – email and phone – but don’t forget to diversify! Try brand awareness ads targeted to specific accounts, social media engagement, and creative, well-timed direct mail. Choose channels based on what your buyers prefer.

6 – Map out the touchpoints.
With multiple channels, build a steady cadence of touchpoints early in the campaign to enable your team to consistently engage with target accounts. There’s no “right” number of touchpoints, but for important and complex deals, persistence wins.

7 – Decide proper timing.
There’s really no “best time of day” to send emails, but you can certainly tailor your timing to the target persona. Associates won’t be checking email on nights or weekends, while executives are likely reading email at all hours of the day.

8 – Choose valuable content.
ABM content is unique. If you’re sending a cold email, consider a trigger event (organizational or persona.) Be sure to offer value at every touch; reemphasize your business value, provide commercial insights, teach or educate, and offer relevant news.

9 – Personalize your content.
The more important the account or contact, the more you want to personalize and the less you want to rely on a template. Your goal is to make sure the prospect feels like the email is written to him, or her, as an individual. Show you’ve been thinking about them.

10 – Prepare for takeoff!
I know, we promised no more airplane puns. This was too good to resist. Once your campaign is in motion, your job isn’t done…

11 – Track and measure.
ABM metrics should track your influence with the people who matter. Track engagement, meaning, are the right people at the right accounts spending time with your company?

Once again, we’ve created a PDF checklist that you can print out and use every time you want to start your engines and get an ABM campaign off to a fast start.

Track reach, measuring whether marketing programs are reaching target accounts. And finally, track influence, measuring whether your ABM activities are improving sales outcomes. Incorporating Account Based Attribution can help to provide additional metrics to tell you whether your ABM efforts are working.

These 11 steps are critical pieces of the ABM puzzle. The next time you’re planning a great ABM campaign, follow this checklist, and you’ll be prepared to handle anything that comes your way.

What additional steps do you use?

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