Engagio Case Study | SmartRecruiters

August 1, 2019

SmartRecruiters an enterprise applicant tracking software whose mission is to connect people to jobs that scale.

As the marketing was tasked to get into the conversation with prospects earlier in their journey, they decided to move to an account-based approach. The needed a best-of-breed ABM platform for analytics and insights into how their accounts are engaging with them – and Engagio delivered. 

Over 70% of the people on the SmartRecruiter's revenue team who could be using Engagio are using Engagio. Reps are constantly in there uncovering insights that help them get in front of prospects faster and close more deals.

The SmartRecruiters RevOps team is so confident in Engagio that 100% of their ABM reporting for executive and board reports are done with Engagio.

Get a demo of Engagio and see for yourself!

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