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April 15, 2019

Wasted dollars is never a good thing and that is why many organizations are investing in Account Based Marketing (ABM). The main premise of ABM is to focus on the optimal accounts for your business (higher dollar value, greater retention, more upsell potential) and there is a lot of data illustrating it works. Nearly 85% of marketers measuring ROI say that ABM outperforms other marketing investments (ITSMA). Yet many organization struggle to get Sales and Marketing on the same page. 

If there was one golden rule for any revenue team to follow it would be this: Silos don’t work. They lead to inefficiencies, broken systems and problems at every level. It's time to break down the barriers and align as one revenue team. 

In this ebook, you'll discover: 

  • How to get full ABM buy-in from the entire revenue team
  • 3 ways you can work with Sales to drive action today
  • An alignment checklist to ensure you have all your bases covered 
  • How to use technology to streamline manual activities
  • The single most important thing Marketing can deliver to Sales 

Download the Blueprint For Sales Activation ebook to take your alignment to the next level.

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