Change the Conversation with Izabella Bray of Dialpad

Have you been thinking about adopting an Account Based Marketing strategy?

Izabella Bray is changing the conversation at Dialpad, and now they're speaking the language of modern B2B teams.

As Dialpad was looking to scale and move up-market, they needed a solution that gave them a pulse of all the stakeholders involved in the decision. They needed to understand which people from which teams at which companies were engaging with them. They turned to Engagio to get that visibility. Dialpad's leadership knew they were onto something when not just Marketers, but the Sales reps bought-in and adopted Engagio quickly. Having all relevant Sales and Marketing touches in a single, unified place changed the game for their entire revenue team. Now, they've scaled their enterprise programs and have broken into a larger portion of their key accounts using Engagio.

If you're ready to change the conversation, we have ABM experts standing by

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