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  • Case Study: How OneLogin Uses Engagio

    Case Study: How OneLogin Uses Engagio

    Using Engagio to get an edge: how lean marketing teams deliver global enterprise growth. This is the story about how David Tam, Director of Marketing at OneLogin, and his team use Engagio.

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  • Vyond Case Study | Engagio

    Vyond Case Study | Engagio

    A better way to work: Vyond increases revenue by 150% at target accounts.

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  • SilkRoad Case Study | Engagio

    SilkRoad Case Study | Engagio

    Activity and engagement from SilkRoad's top accounts went from an unpredictable 20%–30% to consistently 80+% in 6 months after implementing Engagio.

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  • Engagio Case Study | Zapproved

    Engagio Case Study | Zapproved

    After implementing Engagio, Zapproved saw a 5x increase in ABM pipeline, 33% increase in engagement with target accounts, and expects over 10x ROI from their move to ABM.

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  • Engagio Case Study | AtScale3:25

    Engagio Case Study | AtScale

    AtScale recommends Engagio to any company that is looking to take an account-based approach. They recommend implementing Engagio before any other ABM investments!

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  • Engagio Testimonial | Snowflake Computing2:40

    Engagio Testimonial | Snowflake Computing

    Engagio gives the Snowflake team full visibility into the awareness and engagement at the account they care about most. This allows them to determine if their ABM efforts are working.

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  • Engagio Case Study | Dialpad2:13

    Engagio Case Study | Dialpad

    Engagio helped educate the Dialpad team on what Account Based Marketing means for them and gave them more visibility into their target accounts. Knowing who to reach out to and when has been critical.

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  • Engagio Case Study | Grand Rounds2:36

    Engagio Case Study | Grand Rounds

    Due to the complexity, size and length of a deal at Grand Rounds, they needed Engagio to run multi-channels plays across many departments to engage and close their target accounts.

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  • Engagio Case Study | Lattice Engines3:13

    Engagio Case Study | Lattice Engines

    Engagio's Account Based Marketing platform has saved the Lattice Engines’ team hours of pulling and aggregating data at the account level and netted them 2x the engagement at target accounts.

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  • Engagio Case Study | MomentFeed

    Engagio Case Study | MomentFeed

    MomentFeed found great value in being able to visualize their results, which helps their Account Executives and Sales Development Reps stay focused and engage with account more effectively.

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  • Engagio Case Study: EMS

    Engagio Case Study: EMS

    Engagio’s reporting has played a key role for EMS Software, giving marketing critical insights into the effectiveness of their ABM initiatives.

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  • Engagio Case Study | VersionOne

    Engagio Case Study | VersionOne

    After implementing ABM with Engagio, VersionOne achieved 88% engagement with target accounts, 66% increase in value of target accounts and a significant increase in ASP.

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  • Case Study: PROS

    Case Study: PROS

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  • Case Study: InsightSquared

    Case Study: InsightSquared

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  • VersionOne Testimonial1:47

    VersionOne Testimonial

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