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ABM Roles and Responsibilities | Engagio

December 22, 2017

Many B2B marketing organizations are investigating Account Based Marketing (ABM). But some don’t know how to get started. Overwhelmed by thoughts of changing their programs and hiring new staff, many marketing leaders put aside their plans.

However, you cannot afford to delay this process. In a recent ITSMA benchmark survey, 87% of respondents reported: “ABM delivers higher ROI than any other type of marketing.”

Use this worksheet as a guide to building your ABM all-star team. Start with leveraging your current marketing team. Then determine how you can get support from the rest of your organization. Finally, build your core ABM team.

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ABM Campaign Checklist

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Account Entitlement Worksheet | Engagio ABM

Account Entitlement Worksheet | Engagio ABM