How to Use Data to Drive Account Based Everything Success

February 20, 2017
Without good data, your account-based marketing strategy is over before it even begins. Accurate and relevant data sets are a necessity when selecting key accounts and creating campaigns to target them. That's why Datanyze VP of Sales, Daniel Barber, teamed up with Engagio CEO & Co-founder, Jon Miller, to discuss the data points needed to create a solid Account Based Everything strategy, and how to use that information to close more deals. In this webinar, we cover: -Using data to inform and refine your ideal customer profile (ICP). -Improving target account selection and campaign creation. -How Technographics can support a successful account-based strategy. -And more Download Engagio's Clear and Complete Guides to Account Based Marketing and Sales Development at Design & Orchestrate the Best ABE Plays with The Engagio PlayBook. Download for free at
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The Engagio PlayBook
The Engagio PlayBook

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