Engagio Case Study | Grand Rounds

June 6, 2017 Brandon Redlinger

Grand Rounds focuses on delivering high-quality healthcare options for employees at enterprise companies

For Hussam AlMukhtar, Marketing Operations Manager, and the marketing team, it didn’t make sense for them to do traditional lead generation and focus on driving a higher volume of leads. They needed better quality leads. That's when it become clear to everyone that an account-based model was the way to close large enterprise deals.

When Engagio was initially rolled out, the team was able to see the engagement on the account as well as at the contact level – an approach that was quickly supported by the Marketing and Sales executives. They knew they needed to see the entire journey of their target accounts so they could prioritize their efforts better and reach the right people at the right time. 

Grand Rounds continued to improve the results they were seeing from using Engagio. Hussam AlMuhktar is no stranger to Engagio. This is the second company where he purchased Engagio because he understands the importance of marketing analytics and the need to be focused on his key accounts. Now, Hussam is implementing Engagio's PlayMaker product to execute their Account Based Plays. Due to the complexity, size and length of a deal at Grand Rounds, they needed PlayMaker to run multi-channels plays across many departments to engage and close their target accounts. 

"Engagio Playmaker has provided the scalability on one-to-one communication that did not exist before. It's the only tool that can tie everyone together and communicate at scale."
-Hussam AlMukhtar, Marketing Operations Manager

See Engagio in action at go.engagio.com/demo

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