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1. Data and Operations Map all leads to accounts in your CRM and Marketing Automation platform so all of your data is clean, organized, and current. Integrate your data across all systems to give your team visibility into everything they need to know about an Account in one place. Align your entire revenue team around your key accounts. How to Navigate Your ABM Voyage - A Map 2. Analytics and Insights Prioritize your efforts to makes it easy for your team to know where to focus and prioritize their time. Show the impact of your programs at each state of the buyer's journey to easily understand what's working and what's not. Get access to data easily so you can course-correct quickly to ensure you are investing our resources and dollars in the right activities. 3. Play Orchestration Run multi-person, multi-channel plays across your sales, marketing and customer success marketers from anywhere on the web. Scale personalized, relevant touches by leveraging technology where is matters and integrating human touch where it counts. Design plays your SDRs and Sales teams can quickly and easily run against your key accounts for every situation.

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